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Submitted by: Henry Kay

Question: 1

Refer to the exhibit.

We have performed a malware detection on the Cisco website. Which statement about the result is true?

A. The website has been marked benign on all 68 checks.

B. The threat detection needs to run again.

C. The website has 68 open threats.

D. The website has been marked benign on 0 checks.

Answer: A

Question: 2

During which phase of the forensic process is data that is related to a specific event labeled and recorded to preserve its integrity?

A. collection

B. examination

C. reporting

YouTube Preview Image

D. investigation

Answer: A

Question: 3

Refer to the Exhibit. A customer reports that they cannot access your organization’s website. Which option is a possible reason that the customer cannot access the website?

A. The server at is using up too much bandwidth causing a denial- of-service.

B. The server at has a virus.

C. A vulnerability scanner has shown that has been compromised.

D. Web traffic sent from has been identified as malicious by Internet sensors.

Answer: C

Question: 4

You see 100 HTTP GET and POST requests for various pages on one of your webservers. The user agent in the requests contain php code that, if executed, creates and writes to a new php file on the webserver. Which category does this event fall under as defined in the Diamond Model of Intrusion?

A. delivery

B. reconnaissance

C. action on objectives

D. installation

E. exploitation

Answer: D

Question: 5

Which two options can be used by a threat actor to determine the role of a server? (Choose two.)


B. tracert

C. running processes

D. hard drive configuration

E. applications

Answer: CD

Question: 6


Drag and drop the type of evidence from the left onto the correct descnption(s) of that evidence on the right.


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Severe tropical storm Bilis leaves 178 dead in south-east China

Monday, July 17, 2006

South-east China has been flooded by torrential rainstorms as the Severe Tropical Storm Bilis came ashore on Friday, July 14. The total death toll stands at 178 people but many people are missing, and the figure might rise.

Floods, 10 meters high in some areas washed away 19,100 houses, damaged roads, power lines, and devastated villages and agriculture. Three million people were affected by the tropical storm which Xinhua, the state news agency, estimated would cost three billion yuan ($375 million) damage.

The worse-hit provinces were Fujian, Hunan and Guangdong while their were deaths and an economic impact in Zhejian, Jiangxi and Guangxi provinces.

At least 92 died in Hunan where dam reservoirs rose to their limits. The water swell in Leiyang rose 10 metres above the levels from Friday.

40,000 people in the cities of Hengyang and Chenzhou were reported stranded. 14 coal miners died when a dam burst, ravaging the land and flooding their pit at Shenjiawan Colliery.

The floods in Hunan also took out the Beijing-Guangzhou railway leaving 5,000 stranded in the capital, Changsha. 10,000 workers were sent to repair the damaged sections of line.

An estimated 33 people died in Guangdong, an important economic area near Hong Kong. Lechang was submerged under three metres of water and 1663 prisoners had to be moved from the city.

In Fujian province 43 people are reported dead. Deadly mudslides killed 10 in the city of Zhangzhou and another 10 are missing from a second mudslide.

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18 dead after multiple twisters strike US Midwest

Monday, April 3, 2006

High winds and multiple tornadoes caused destruction across the American Midwest yesterday, killing 18 people when they hit five states in the early evening, although that figure is expected to rise.

In Dyer County, Tennessee alone, 12 people were killed, and in Gibson County, Tennessee, a further three were lost, bringing the death toll up to 15 in that state alone. The remaining three lives were lost in Missouri as a result of high winds, although the freak weather also hit the states of Arkansas, Kentucky, Ohio and Illinois.

When asked about the storms which caused chaos in Tennessee, Dyer County Sherriff Jeffrey Holt said, “This hit about 7:40 last night, so the warnings were out. They were being tracked all the way across Arkansas and Missouri as it was coming in. We had plenty of warnings, I think, just the amount of destruction in the area is what caused our fatality count to get so high. Destruction is almost absolute total destruction along some of the path of this. There’s just nothing left of houses but foundation.”

Numerous power failures were reported across the affected areas, with some county authorities reporting that the blackouts may go on for several days.

A dispatcher in Pemiscot County, Missouri informed the press that, as of Monday morning, some people were still trapped in their houses as a result of the storms.

In Illinois, tornadoes touched down across at least seven counties according to local emergency officials, but no-one was severely injured or killed. The Emergency Management spokesperson for Illinois Patti Thompson reported that a large storm front which spanned the breadth of America from Illinois southwards was the cause of last night’s dramatic weather.

In the state of Ohio, a Wilmington-based meteorologist informed members of the Associated Press that “In every county in southwest Ohio there has been some type of damage.”

Repair costs for damage across the affected area are expected to be six-figure sums, and extensive work to replace destroyed segments of the infrastructure such as gas and power supplies is already underway, said officials in all seven of the states hit this morning. The current death toll is expected to rise today, with at least one more unconfirmed death reported in Missouri already.

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Ingrid Newkirk, co-founder of PETA, on animal rights and the film about her life

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Last night HBO premiered I Am An Animal: The Story of Ingrid Newkirk and PETA. Since its inception, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has made headlines and raised eyebrows. They are almost single-handedly responsible for the movement against animal testing and their efforts have raised the suffering animals experience in a broad spectrum of consumer goods production and food processing into a cause célèbre.

PETA first made headlines in the Silver Spring monkeys case, when Alex Pacheco, then a student at George Washington University, volunteered at a lab run by Edward Taub, who was testing neuroplasticity on live monkeys. Taub had cut sensory ganglia that supplied nerves to the monkeys’ fingers, hands, arms, legs; with some of the monkeys, he had severed the entire spinal column. He then tried to force the monkeys to use their limbs by exposing them to persistent electric shock, prolonged physical restraint of an intact arm or leg, and by withholding food. With footage obtained by Pacheco, Taub was convicted of six counts of animal cruelty—largely as a result of the monkeys’ reported living conditions—making them “the most famous lab animals in history,” according to psychiatrist Norman Doidge. Taub’s conviction was later overturned on appeal and the monkeys were eventually euthanized.

PETA was born.

In the subsequent decades they ran the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty against Europe’s largest animal-testing facility (footage showed staff punching beagle puppies in the face, shouting at them, and simulating sex acts while taking blood samples); against Covance, the United State’s largest importer of primates for laboratory research (evidence was found that they were dissecting monkeys at its Vienna, Virginia laboratory while the animals were still alive); against General Motors for using live animals in crash tests; against L’Oreal for testing cosmetics on animals; against the use of fur for fashion and fur farms; against Smithfield Foods for torturing Butterball turkeys; and against fast food chains, most recently against KFC through the launch of their website kentuckyfriedcruelty.com.

They have launched campaigns and engaged in stunts that are designed for media attention. In 1996, PETA activists famously threw a dead raccoon onto the table of Anna Wintour, the fur supporting editor-in-chief of Vogue, while she was dining at the Four Seasons in New York, and left bloody paw prints and the words “Fur Hag” on the steps of her home. They ran a campaign entitled Holocaust on your Plate that consisted of eight 60-square-foot panels, each juxtaposing images of the Holocaust with images of factory farming. Photographs of concentration camp inmates in wooden bunks were shown next to photographs of caged chickens, and piled bodies of Holocaust victims next to a pile of pig carcasses. In 2003 in Jerusalem, after a donkey was loaded with explosives and blown up in a terrorist attack, Newkirk sent a letter to then-PLO leader Yasser Arafat to keep animals out of the conflict. As the film shows, they also took over Jean-Paul Gaultier‘s Paris boutique and smeared blood on the windows to protest his use of fur in his clothing.

The group’s tactics have been criticized. Co-founder Pacheco, who is no longer with PETA, called them “stupid human tricks.” Some feminists criticize their campaigns featuring the Lettuce Ladies and “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” ads as objectifying women. Of their Holocaust on a Plate campaign, Anti-Defamation League Chairman Abraham Foxman said “The effort by PETA to compare the deliberate systematic murder of millions of Jews to the issue of animal rights is abhorrent.” (Newkirk later issued an apology for any hurt it caused). Perhaps most controversial amongst politicians, the public and even other animal rights organizations is PETA’s refusal to condemn the actions of the Animal Liberation Front, which in January 2005 was named as a terrorist threat by the United States Department of Homeland Security.

David Shankbone attended the pre-release screening of I Am An Animal at HBO’s offices in New York City on November 12, and the following day he sat down with Ingrid Newkirk to discuss her perspectives on PETA, animal rights, her responses to criticism lodged against her and to discuss her on-going life’s work to raise human awareness of animal suffering. Below is her interview.

This exclusive interview features first-hand journalism by a Wikinews reporter. See the collaboration page for more details.


  • 1 The HBO film about her life
  • 2 PETA, animal rights groups and the Animal Liberation Front
  • 3 Newkirk on humans and other animals
  • 4 Religion and animals
  • 5 Fashion and animals
  • 6 Newkirk on the worst corporate animal abusers
  • 7 Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act
  • 8 Ingrid Newkirk on Ingrid Newkirk
  • 9 External links
  • 10 Sources

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Origins Of “Non Classical” Guitar}

Origins Of “Non-Classical” Guitar


Mike Hayes

In 1865 a number of Portuguese arrived to work the mighty Pioneer Sugar Plantations and through them, the island musicians were exposed to the first “non-classical” guitar styles – some 50 – 60 years before it moved into the limelight of American popular music.

The guitar quickly became part of island life and because European music or technical approaches offered little that suited the Polynesian’s expressive needs, they literally re-invented both the instrument and it’s music, to bring forth a style know as “Ki ho alu”, or “slack key guitar”.

The name was used by the Hawaiians to describe the method of tuning – several strings were loosened or slackened down to spell out the sound of a basic triad, usually major. Many tunings exist, but the original and still the most common, is called – “taro patch” tuning ..

1 2 3 4 5 6 D B G D G D

YouTube Preview Image

Tunings were originally developed and kept within the family, then handed down to succeeding generations as a family secret. Nowadays, tunings continue to be developed, but the veil of secrecy is gone and ideas are willingly shared by all good players.

Since 1960 there has been a tremendous upsurge of interest among young Hawaiians in the traditional slack key methods and a great deal of wonderful music can be found within the recorded works of Gabby Pahanui, Atta Isaacs, The Breamer Brothers, Raymond Kane and other masters of the style. Their music is tightly locked into the modern Polynesian psyche as Flamenco is interlaced with the Spanish, and Jazz with the Afro-American way of life.

Slack Key and its “Taro Patch” tuning were taken one step further when an eleven year old Hawaiian schoolboy, Joseph Kekuku, as early as 1885, placed the guitar flat on his lap and using a comb discovered the sweet sounds of the slide guitar.

He progressed from this comb a railway bolt, a knife or tumbler, and finally to a steel bar which he designed and made in the school workshop. To increase the volume he designed metal fingerand thumb picks shaped to fit his right hand. When after some experimentation, Kekuku realized that this new style of playing was more than a novelty, he became determined to tap its potential and master whatever his findings brought to life.

He worked hard and while still at school, gave professional concerts in Honolulu. Many classmates learnt from Joseph and took his method of playing bavk to their homes throughout the islands, and from there it spread throughout the world. In 1904 Joseph Kekuku moved to the American mainland and begun a full-time playing and teaching career. His ability to communicate with audiences opened the doors for the international acceptance of Hawaiian and steel guitar music. Between 1919 and 1927 he toured Europe and played before the Kings and Queens of many countries’ – he set up effective teaching practices in Chicago and Boston and finally died in 1932. He was considered to be “a great teacher of the steel guitar and the possessor of the sweetest-toned guitar in the world.”

Thanks to Joseph Kekuku and the early Hawaiian steel-men, the instrument and its associated musical forms soon established an identity of their own. But, Joseph’s very effectiveness in focussing attention onto his steel-type playing detracted from its original source – Slack Key. This form remained virtually unknown to the non-Hawaiian’ music world until the 1950’s.

The very year that Kekuku died saw the birth of the electric guitar – the first Rickenbacker Frypans became available in 1932 and a new era began. The steel guitar was more suited to electrification than its “Spanish” counterpart – a large magnet could be placed above and below the strings without impeding the player’s right hand movement; and since this breakthrough was solely associated with the Hawaiian players, their music spread to even wider fields. Thousands of recordings were made and magnificent players such as Sol Hoopii, Dick McIntire, Andy Iona, Danny steward and Bobby Nicholls were much sought after. These men, plus a few others, created music of great beauty that is now virtually non-existent. If an opportunity to hear the music of these now-forgotten pre-war Hawaiian artists arises – grab it!

The development of the Hawaiian guitar through these early electric years is a complicated story as leading players tried and tested new tunings and technical approaches.

Today, the pure Hawaiian style is best preserved in the playing of Jerry Byrd – an American guitarist living in Honolulu. Electrification itself made the steel guitar a force to be reckoned with in Country music and it’s sound became an essential ingredient in the style known as Western-swing. Leon McAuliffe, guitarist with Bob Wills Texas Playboys, McAuliffe the first great player in this area.

Today, steel guitars come equipped with two necks of ten strings, usually tuned to E9th and C6th, plus pedals and knee levers to raise or lower each string – a formidable instrument indeed. Few men can claim to have mastered its complicated mechanisms, but those that have are giants of the first order. To hear pedal steel guitar at its best, listen to Buddy Emmons or Curly Chalker (both have one foot in the world of Jazz and the other in Western Swing). For the best of Country style, catch Lloyd Green and Australia’s own Kenny Kitching.

Mike Hayes is a guitar teacher, author, performing musician and session guitarist with over 30 years of professional experience. Find out more about how to learn guitar fast with his popular free ecourse, available at:=>


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Origins Of “Non-Classical” Guitar }

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Teräsbetoni frontman J. Ahola on representing Finland at Eurovision 2008 & more

Sunday, April 13, 2008

This article is a featured article. It is considered one of the best works of the Wikinews community. See Wikinews:Featured articles for more information.

Teräsbetoni means “steel-reinforced concrete”, and is also the name of a Finnish heavy metal band formed in 2002. Their music, which centres on an honourable warrior lifestyle or on metal itself, quickly became popular in 2003 on the Internet, resulting in a petition by fans being sent to several record labels demanding a recording deal. In late 2004 the band signed to Warner Music Finland, and the following year debut single Taivas lyö tulta rose to number one in the Finnish charts, and debut album Metallitotuus hit number two and went platinum, and has now sold about 47,000 copies.

The band, who sing exclusively in Finnish, have just released their third album, Myrskyntuoja. The lead single on this album is Missä miehet ratsastaa, which Teräsbetoni decided to enter in the Finnish selections for the 2008 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, where it was selected to go on to the semi-final in Belgrade, Serbia as Finland’s representative this year. Although Finland has seen limited success in the contest, their only victory was with a comparable group. In 2006 hard rock band Lordi – whose monster costumes and pyrotechnic displays are famed – achieved a record 292 points in the final with Hard Rock Hallelujah.

Teräsbetoni’s frontman, vocalist and bass guitarist Jarkko Ahola’s fame extends beyond the band he heads. He also features in Finnish symphonic power metal cover supergroup Northern Kings, alongside Marco Hietala of Nightwish and Tarot, Tony Kakko of Sonata Arctica and Juha-Pekka Leppäluoto of Charon.

Wikinews was able to conduct an exclusive interview with Jarkko Ahola to discuss these various achievements. This interview is now published below for the first time.


  • 1 Interview
    • 1.1 On the early days
    • 1.2 On Eurovision
    • 1.3 The new album
    • 1.4 Northern Kings
    • 1.5 The future and final words
  • 2 Related news
  • 3 Sources

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Queensland prisoners put to work manufacturing water tanks

Monday, April 30, 2007

Prisoners in the Australian state of Queensland have been put to work manufacturing rainwater tanks to help meet a shortfall in supply.

The southeast corner of Queensland, which is currently undergoing one of its worst droughts on record, is experiencing a boom in the rainwater tank industry. Households, encouraged by subsidies introduced by the Beattie government, have enthusiastically begun installing rainwater tanks as well as other water-saving devices. These subsidies have led to a shortfall in supply however, with some households waiting months for tanks to be installed.

The new initiative, announced by Premier Peter Beattie as well as Corrective Services minister Judy Spence will see prisoners at Woodford Correctional Centre, Australia’s largest gaol, constructing tanks for AU$4 per day. Spence has pledged not to use the cheap labour to undercut existing tank suppliers. Beattie also pointed out that the programme would give prisoners constructing the tanks valuable work skills for when their sentences are completed. If the programme is successful, it may be extended to other gaols around the state.

The Beattie government has been increasingly criticised over recent months for its failure to handle the water crisis engulfing Southeast Queensland. Opponents accuse the Government of a lack of planning foresight with regards to water supply for the booming area, which includes state capital Brisbane, as well as other cities such as Ipswich, Toowoomba and Gold Coast.

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Van der Sloot not re-arrested in Holloway case

Friday, February 15, 2008

Joran van der Sloot will not be re-arrested in the Natalee Holloway-case, the Aruban public prosecution department confirms today. The Dutch student Van der Sloot, major suspect in the disappearing of Holloway, confessed on secret footage that he was with Natalee the evening she died. The Aruban appeal court says that, while Joran van der Sloot is still an important suspect, the tapes don’t reveal enough new evidence to bring him back into custody. Van der Sloot was already arrested twice in this case.

Van der Sloot’s confession on secret camera while in a car with a friend includes his statement that after Natalee died, her body was dumped at sea by a friend. The footage was presented on Dutch television by crime-reporter Peter R. de Vries, and was also aired in the United States and other countries.

Van der Sloot’s lawyer Bert van Rooij told Dutch Radio-1 today that justice officials based their decision not to re-arrest Van der Sloot on his statement that the confessions he made on the video are made-up. “There are objective facts which counteract what he has said,” said Van Rooij.

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General Idea About Medical Spa}

General idea about Medical Spa



Medical spa is a fusion between a medical clinic and a day spa that is operated under the control of a medical doctor. Many medical spas in New York City can solve facial problems like brown spots, redness and broken capillaries that cannot be treated by an esthetician.

In New York City, most of the medical spas offer laser treatments, laser hair removal, IPL treatments, photofacials, injectables like Botox and fillers, chemical peels and skin tightening. Some medical spas offer wellness options and other services like acupuncture, nutritional counseling and naturopathic doctor consultations.

Treatment Options:

Wellness Treatments

Wellness treatment offered in medical spas includes:

*Addiction Therapy:

People affected by alcohol and drug addiction find it difficult to escape without support of friends and families. Individual willpower alone is not sufficient. Help of knowledgeable professionals may do wonders. You can find knowledgeable professionals at these spas who use different types of creative methods to free patients from this addiction.

*Cardiovascular Medicine:

In medical spas, medical professionals try to solve heart disease problem by improving the health of the heart and blood vessels. These medical spas also offer consultation with a cardiologist and stress testing.


Colon Cancer is considered a deadly disease which can be preventable. If you can find its symptoms at an early stage, colon cancer is treatable. One of the ways to screen colon caner is through Colonoscopy. Colonoscopy – insertion into the colon of a long, lighted tube called a colonoscopy. Individuals above 50 years undergo colonoscopy once in every five years.

*Diabetes Management:

Most of the medical spas in New York City provide specific programs to people affected by diabetes so that they can lead a healthy life.

* Imaging Tests:

With the help of imaging tests, people can find out different types of diseases at a very early stage. Medical spas offer different imaging tests like mammography, brain scans and whole body MRIs and full body scans.

YouTube Preview Image

* Lab Tests:

Some medical spas offer laboratory testing while others have tie up with medical laboratories whose findings can help doctors make diagnoses.

* Nutrition Consultation:

Many medical spas employ nutritionists that provide private consultations, cooking demonstrations and lectures to their clients. These medical spas can help you eat better and live better

* Pain Management:

Millions of people have chronic pain that needs medical care to reduce pain. A medical spa offers treatment that can access the bodys natural healing potential, such as meditation and mental imaging.

Other wellness treatments include physical examination, physical therapy, sexual health Consultation, Sleep Health Consultation, Executive health screening and Bone Density Testing.

Cosmetic Treatments:

Medical spas in NYC also offer other cosmetic services like:



*IPL (Intense Pulsed Treatments)

*Cellulite Treatments

*Chemical Peels

*Cosmetic Dentistry



*Tooth Colored Fillings


*Dental Implants


*Laser Hair Removal

*Laser Skin Treatments

*Laser Spot Removal

*Laser Vein Removal

*Smile Makeovers




*Permanent Makeup


*Plastic Surgery

*Pre and Postoperative Treatments





*Smart Lypo

*Threat Lift

*Dental Veneers

*Teeth Whitening

Most of the medical spas in NYC offer both wellness and cosmetic treatment.

Sensman is an expert author, who is presently working on the site laser hair removal. He has written many articles in various topics like hair removal. For more information contact medical spa nyc.

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General idea about Medical Spa }

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Austrian teenager mourns captor’s suicide

Monday, August 28, 2006

An eighteen year old Austrian girl, who was held captive by a 44 year-old man in the basement of his house for eight years, said that she is mourning his suicide, which he committed after she escaped from him.

Natascha Kampusch, abducted on her way to school eight years ago, had been “part of [her captor’s] life.” Police and investigators, unable to find a single lead or tip of her whereabouts, had all but given up hope of finding her alive and well until last week, when Natascha fled from her captor, Wolfgang Priklopil, a telecoms technician after he left her cleaning his car to answer the telephone. Natascha’s abductor, Wolfgang Priklopil, committed suicide hours after Natascha’s escape by throwing himself in front of a train only minutes after he realized her escape.

After hearing of Priklopil’s death, Kampusch wrote “..[Priklopil] was part of my life, that’s why in a certain way I’m mourning him”. Psychoanalysts believe Kampusch may be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, a psychological condition in which captives begin to feel empathy, and even affection, for their captors. Psychoanalysts are well represented in Vienna as Sigmund Freud, the founder of Psychoanalysis was Viennese. After eight years with her captor, Kampusch is spending time receiving care from psychologists at a secret location, away from the media and her parents. Natasha spoke at first but later became more reticent and reluctant to answer questions. A psychiatrist feared a “delayed trauma”.

Kampusch’s parents expressed their frustration on not being allowed to have access to their daughter. Nevertheless, psychiatric staff with the girl have said that Kampusch needs time to re-adjust to life in the outside world. In a letter to her parents, Kampush stated that they would have “…all the time in the world…” once she had become re-accustomed to the outside. Psychologists claim she may lead a normal future life but probably will require years of psychological therapy. Ludwig Koch, her father said, “Natascha is very thin, has very, very white skin, and patches on her whole body. I don’t want to think where they come from.” She may be suppressing physical or sexual abuse. Early on she had to call her captor “master” or “lord”.

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